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Your Go-To Spot on Campus for all your Biking Needs

The RecWell Bike Shop is a student-powered bike shop providing free bike repair and education for all UMD students, faculty, and staff. The shop also rents commuter and mountain bikes, hosts bike maintenance classes and group rides, and has a limited inventory of bike parts and safety equipment for sale. The RecWell Bike Shop is a proud member of BikeUMD, visit their page for resources and information. 

Bike Shop MON through THURS
12pm to 6pm
12pm to 6pm
Bike Shop MON through THURS
2pm to 6pm
12pm to 4pm
Saturday and Sunday

The bike shop is open during the summer from May 30-August 18.

Bike Shop 12pm to 6pm Closed Closed

Final Exam and Winter Hours can be found at recwell-alerts.

January 2 - January 20 

Bike Shop Closed Closed Closed


Repairs are free at the RecWell Bike Shop

Patrons that would like help with their bike repair can work with a Bike Shop Mechanic to get their bike moving again. Patrons are required to stay with their bike and the mechanic during the repair process and are encouraged to participate in the repair itself. Repairs are first-come, first-served, and only patrons whose bikes are actively being repaired are allowed in the shop and others are expected to wait outside in a line.

Patrons that are comfortable completing their own repairs are encouraged to come in and work on their bikes! One stand is reserved for independent repairs and interested patrons should check with a Bike Shop Mechanic to see if it is available. If the stand is being used, patrons are expected to wait outside until it becomes available. If you just need air or to quickly borrow a tool, come in and check with a Bike Shop Mechanic.

  • Patrons must stay with their bike during the entire repair process and are expected to engage with the repair itself. Repairs must be completed during open hours.
  • No bikes can be left inside the bike shop to continue repairs. A bike locking station is located just outside the Cole Student Activities Building for a bike to be locked outside for further repairs.
  • Some tools and equipment are to be used only by Bike Shop Mechanics. Ask if you need to use a tool that is not at your stand.
  • The RecWell Bike Shop is not a full-service shop and cannot conduct all repairs or services. Bike Shop Mechanics will not conduct repairs on bikes that are unsafe to ride, heavily modified, any e-bike or scooter, or if they are not comfortable with the repair itself.
  • Bike Shop Mechanics have the right to refuse service to any patron and will refer patrons to a local bike shop for the repair. 
  • RecWell Bike Shop patrons use the space at their own risk, and the RecWell Bike Shop is not responsible for any bike or property damage, or for any injuries that occur in the space. 
  • Patrons should either be invited into the RecWell Bike Shop or should confirm that they are able to bring their bike in for repairs before entering.
  • Patrons should follow the instructions of Bike Shop Mechanics and may be asked to leave if they are contributing to a disrespectful or unsafe environment.
  • Patrons are responsible for any damage that occurs to tools or equipment in the space.

Bike Rentals

Only RecWell members are able to rent bikes through the Bike Shop. The RecWell Bike Shop rents bikes by the day, week, or semester. Renters will pick up and return bikes during Bike Shop operating hours. Semester rentals are due back by the last day of the current semester. Mountain bike rentals are dependent on availability. 

The RecWell Bike Shop does not sell bicycles, and independent bicycle sales are prohibited at the RecWell Bike Shop.

Spring 2024 Semester Bike Rentals 

The RecWell Bike Shop takes semester rental requests on an appointment basis. We will open our Appointments Form on January 2, 2024. Completing the form does not guarantee a bike, this is a dedicated time to come to the shop to select a bike.



To rent a hybrid or mountain bike, visit the RecWell Bike Shop at the Cole Student Activities Building Room #0249 during operating hours. Bike Shop mechanics will determine your size and availability. If a bike is available that fits you, mechanics will guide you through the rental process.

All rentals are first-come, first-served and supplies are limited. 

All bike rentals include a U-lock. Short term rentals include a helmet. 

Bike Type 1 Day 3 Day 7 Day Semester
Hybrid (Fuji or Trek 21- or 24-Speed Hybrid) $10.00 $15.00 $30.00 $75.00
Mountain Bike (Fuji Hard Tail) $15.00 $22.50 $45.00 N/A
  • Availability: Rentals are first-come, first-served, and may not be available for rent. Mountain bike quantities are limited so check with Bike Shop staff before requesting a rental. 
  • Eligibility: Only RecWell members are able to rent equipment from the RecWell Bike Shop. 
  • Waivers and Inspection: All patrons are responsible for completing the Bike Rental Agreement and inspection with a Bike Shop Student Mechanic. 
  • Return: All rentals must be returned by the last day of classes for a semester. 
  • Late Fee Policy: The standard daily rental rate will be charged for each day the equipment is late; after 10 days a replacement fee will be charged. 
  • Refund Policy: Refunds for reserved gear must be requested through the Adventure Program Cancellation Form 48 hours prior to rental date and are subject to a $10 processing fee. No refunds will be granted for same-day rentals or unused rental time. 

Damage / Replacement Fee Policy: Patrons will be charged for any lost or damaged bikes as determined by Bike Shop Mechanics or Adventure Program Professional Staff. Patrons will be charged per item for parts needing replacement and will be charged the full replacement fee of a bike if needed.


The RecWell Bike Shop has a limited amount of parts and safety equipment  for sale. Visit the bike shop during our operating hours to make a purchase. We cannot guarantee that we can install any components during that time. Retail items are subject to 6% Maryland Sales tax. If we cannot offer a part, we will attempt to provide a recommendation for purchase.

Item Price
Tube $7.00 - $8.00
Tire $18.00
Brake Pads $7.00-$9.00/set
Cable $2.00
Cable Housing $1.00/foot
Chain $12.00-$16.00
Master Link $2.00
Rim Tape $5.00
Saddle $25.00
Platform Pedals $10.00/pair
Left Crank Arm $15.00
Helmet $10.00
U-Lock $25.00
Light Set $15.00
MC30 Multi Tool $22.00
Planet Ozone Frame Pump $13.00
Park Patch Kit $7.00
Bike Cleaning Spray $15.00
Pedro's Tire Levers $3.50
Crank Bros Multi-17 $26.99
Rema Patch Kit $3.50
Hand Pump $15.00

Clinics & Trips 

The RecWell Bike Shop hosts a variety of bicycle maintenance clinics and supports a number of organized biking adventure trips throughout the semesters. Visit the Adventure Trips Page to join us on a student-led biking trip or sign up for a Bike Shop Clinic!

Spring 2024 Bike Shop Clinics

Feb. 7 6:30PM - Fix a Flat

Feb 13 7PM - Winter Bike Maintenance

Feb 21 7PM - Fix a Flat

March 4 6:30PM - Brake adjustments: Rim and Disc. Note: hydraulic systems will not be covered in this clinic.

March 7 6:30PM - Fix a Flat

March 27 7PM - Shifting Systems

April 15 7PM - Fix a Flat

Bike Shop Location 

The RecWell Bike Shop is located in the Cole Student Activities Building #0249. Enter the building through the east side entrance at the top of Union Lane Parking Garage.

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