Campus Rec Advisory Board

Make your voice heard 

The Campus Recreation Advisory Board (CRAB) consists of 15 members representing students, faculty, staff, and alumni. It provides advice and recommendations to University Recreation & Wellness (RecWell) and the Vice President for Student Affairs.  Meetings serve as a forum for discussion of issues related to recreation and wellness at UMD.

Meeting topics include any ideas, suggestions, or concerns brought by members and proposals to:

  • Increase the mandatory student recreation fee
  • Change service or program fees
  • Enhance facilities
  • Add or discontinue programs
  • Change policies  

CRAB is chaired by Dr. Warren Kelley, Senior Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs (wkelley@umd.edu).

CRAB Representatives

Name Appointment Email Phone
Warren Kelley Chair wkelley@umd.edu 301-314-8507
Patrick Killion Staff - VPSA appointed pkillion@umd.edu 301-405-0057
Meghan Sykes Alumni Association msykes12@umd.edu 301-405-3842
Charles Apter Faculty - VPSA Appointed apter@umd.edu
Shannon Jette Faculty- VPSA Appointed jette@umd.edu
Greg Thompson Staff - Senate Appointed gkt@umd.edu 301-314-8083
Jay Gilchrist (ex officio) Director jgilchri@umd.edu 301-226-4400
Mary Kate Crawford (ex officio) Associate Director mksully@umd.edu 301-226-4411
Jason Hess (staff support) Assistant Director jhess2@umd.edu 301-226-4425
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