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About Us

Inspiring Terps to Be Active and Live Well

We believe being physically active is a crucial component of success in and out of the classroom, and we are dedicated to creating a culture of wellness where all members of the University community thrive. 

We facilitate physical activity which provides better sleep, improved mood, a strong immune system, social connection with others, and more energy. Activity also helps students manage stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety. In addition to these wellness benefits, being active helps students achieve academic success by boosting mental focus, attention and alertness, and priming the brain for learning. 

We invite every member of the University community to discover their inner Active Terp and find a physical activity they enjoy doing. Recreation is for everyone and there is something for everyone at RecWell.

Annual Reports


To enrich the educational experience and encourage personal growth by inspiring the University community to be active and live well 

Core Values

We do the right thing and behave ethically at all times. We follow through on commitments to each other and those we serve

We are inspired to find new ways to serve the recreation and wellness needs of our community. We strive to be leaders in the field by being creative and forward-thinking. We are passionate about exceeding expectations 

We pursue learning, growth, and continuous improvement. We create opportunities for student employees to develop competence and confidence by serving as educators, mentors, and models of lifelong learning. We engage participants in meaningful experiences that promote personal growth and wellness. 

We appreciate and value the diversity of our staff and participants. We open doors and create accessible and welcoming recreation environments where all can be active and live well .

We are team players. We foster relationships with students, campus departments, and community organizations to achieve common goal.

We take care of our financial, human, and physical resources in a responsible manner. We engage in sustainable practices to preserve the environment for future generations.

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