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Supporting Active Terps as they live well and thrive 

Wellness is more than health. It is a way of living more fully. It involves taking responsibility for the choices you make each and every day—no matter how small—to take positive actions that fuel your body, engage your mind, and nurture your spirit. It is an intentional approach to healthful and active living that gives you the energy to embrace life and do what matters most to you. It is a holistic way of living in which you deliberately and thoughtfully engage in behaviors that support health in body, mind, and spirit.

To live well is to live in a way that enhances health and well-being in all 8 dimensions—physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, vocational, environmental, and financial.


Eight Dimensions of Wellness



Developing and nurturing friendships, romantic relationships, and family dynamics that are positive and rewarding; building a strong social support network; communicating effectively with others; connecting with and contributing to your community; advancing causes for social good; engaging in acts of kindness; exploring, understanding, and appreciating diversity




Understanding, accepting and expressing feelings in healthy ways; embracing a positive outlook; managing difficult emotions; adjusting to change; empathizing with others; viewing challenges as opportunities; respecting strengths and limitations; knowing when to ask for help




Eating well; engaging in physical activity; getting enough sleep; managing stress; practicing safe sex; avoiding excess alcohol and drug use; taking safety precautions; seeking preventative medical care




Exploring new ideas and different points of view; engaging in mentally stimulating activities; pursuing lifelong learning; thinking critically and creatively; being curious; expanding professional and personal knowledge; finding real world applications for what you learn




Seeking meaning and purpose in life; fostering a connection with something larger than yourself; having beliefs and values that guide our actions; being compassionate toward others; honoring your religious traditions; respecting religious traditions of others; expressing gratitude; appreciating the mysteries of life




Pursuing meaningful paid or unpaid work that is aligned with your talents and values; taking a proactive approach to career planning and preparation; finding satisfaction in work; engaging in professional development; maintaining a healthy work-life balance.




Respecting and protecting the natural environment; engaging in sustainability practices like recycling and conserving electricity; protecting yourself from environmental hazards; enjoying time outside in natural settings; understanding that natural and built environments affect your health and well-being




Managing money responsibly; aligning values with spending; not living beyond your means; making informed financial decisions; minimizing debt; not letting money be the driving force of your life; being charitable when possible


wellness at work

Well @ Work

RecWell is committed to supporting the well-being of the entire campus community. Although the focus of much of our work is on the student population, we recognize the need to support faculty and staff who are integral to carrying out the mission of our university. 

Antiracism is Wellness: Take action and promote change

Antiracism is Wellness

We are committed to creating a culture where our staff, student employees, and participants recognize the connections between racism and its negative effects on wellness take AND positive action when they see or hear something that harms or excludes others, particularly in the context of racism - a culture where Active Terps Promote Change.

What does it mean to be antiracist?  Watch this video on how Terps define antiracism. How can you promote change? - Click here to learn you can promote change (Spanish subtitles)

Would you like to provide more information on wellness and well-being to your student organization, classroom discussion, residence hall, or other community? We are happy to support you. Please contact us so we can discuss the needs of your organization. 


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Mary Kate Crawford

Associate Director, Programs
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Tami Lee

Assistant Director, Fitness & Wellness
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