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Intramural Sports

Something for Everyone

Intramural Sports offers Team Sports and Individual and Dual Sports as leagues (a weekly regular season schedule followed by playoffs) as well as single day or weekend long tournaments and events.  Registration is done at the team level - so gather some friends before you sign up!

During the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters, the Intramural Sports program offers a variety of sport opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. Follow the link below for the full calendar of events. 

Click here for calendar of events

Have a suggestion for a new sport? Email us at

Intramural Sports policies are intended to ensure a safe, fair, and enjoyable experience for all participants grounded in principles of sportsmanship and equity. While a summary is provided below, we encourage you to view the Participant Handbook for full details on eligibility, competition format, level and league classification, registration, scheduling, the role of team captains, championships, and awards.

Follow this link for the Sport Rules.

Follow this link for the Default Form.

Follow this link to the waiver required for minors (under 18 years old).

Who is eligible to play Intramural Sports? 

  • All undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in any department or college of the University
  • Current faculty and staff 
  • All players must have their current, valid University of Maryland ID in order to sign in and participate.  
  • Players may play on only ONE same-gender team and ONE mixed-gender team per sport season.

Specific policies exist for UMD Club Sport and former and current NCAA varsity athletes.

Leagues/Level of Play

Leagues offered for most sports:

  • Mixed Gender
  • Fraternity
  • Graduate/Faculty/Staff
  • Men’s
  • Women’s

Competition levels offered for most sports:

  • A = competitive
  • B = recreational
  • C = fun (only offered for major team sports during playoffs) 


Most leagues play Sunday through Friday. Each team will play in pool play or  “regular season” for two or three weeks
When pool play ends, eligible teams will advance to a single elimination playoff tournament.

Intramural Participant Handbook

You can play and be a referee, and we provide the training.  Join our team!

Become a Sports Official

Every team is responsible for the conduct of its players and followers. Any conduct judged as detrimental to the participants, program, or any particular contest, may result in loss of the contest, suspension of the individual player, suspension of the entire team, or other appropriate action.

UMD students are subject to a Code of Student Conduct. Harassment (verbal or otherwise) including sexual, racial, ethnic or religious harassment that causes injury, distress, emotional or physical discomfort, is one of the offenses which may result in disciplinary action. University Recreation & Wellness (RecWell) and the Intramural Sports program will vigorously enforce all sections of the code to insure that participants feel welcome and enjoy benefits of a recreational activity.

Each team will be given a sportsmanship rating for each game by that game’s officials.  The rating will be given on a point scale.  Teams must have a 3.0 average (on a 4.0 scale) to be eligible to participate in the playoff tournament.  Teams must maintain a “3.0” average during the playoff tournament or face possible elimination. The following sportsmanship rating system will be used for all intramural league sports:

  • 4.0 Good Conduct and Sportsmanship = Players cooperate fully with the officials and other team members.  Players are under control and not excessively fouling or contacting one another.  No verbal warnings issued to the players by the officials.  The captain calmly converses with officials about rule interpretations and calls.  The captain also has full control of his/her teammates.   4.0’s are given when no comments are made, and a team displays total cooperation with the officials.
  • 3.0 Acceptable Conduct and Sportsmanship = Team members verbally complain about some decisions made by the officials and/or show minor dissension which may or may not merit a technical foul or yellow card.  A team that receives one or two technical fouls (for unsportsmanlike behavior) or one yellow card, cannot receive higher than a 3.0.  3.0’s are given to teams when some unsportsmanlike conduct is displayed and some complaints of officials’ judgments are made.  
  • 2.0 Below Expectations for Conduct and Sportsmanship = Teams that show verbal dissent towards officials and/or opposing team or teammates which merit technical foul(s), yellow card(s), multiple penalties or an ejection (due to unsportsmanlike conduct).  A 2.0 rating must be given to a team when there is at least two yellow cards and/or at least one unsportsmanlike conduct ejection.
  • 1.0 Poor Conduct and Sportsmanship = Teams constantly comment to the officials and/or opposing team from the playing surface or sidelines. At least one unsportsmanlike conduct ejection has taken place and multiple unsportsmanlike conduct fouls, technical fouls, and/or yellow cards given.  The team captain exhibits little or no control over teammates or himself/herself.   A “1” rating is given to a team when members persist in arguing with an official, profane language is used, and the captain does not control the actions of his/her team, fans, and/or spectators.  Teams that receive a “1 “ Rating MUST meet with the Intramural Sports Director prior to their next game or be disqualified.
  • 0 Unacceptable Conduct and Sportsmanship = Team is completely uncooperative.  Captain has no control over teammates and/or himself/herself.  Any team causing a game to be stopped, or forfeited other than by not showing, or receives multiple ejections/red cards shall receive a 0.   A 0” is given when multiple “unsportsmanlike penalties” are issued to a team, two or more ejections are issued, a team fails to assist in removing an ejected player from the playing area, warnings by the officials of unsportsmanlike play are ignored, there is a fight or attempted fight, or if a player(s) make unnecessary contact with an official. Teams that receive a 0 Rating MUST meet with the Intramural Sports Director prior to their next game or be disqualified.

All League Champions receive an Intramural Sports Championship t-shirt.  The number of t-shirts awarded to a team sport champion is equal to the maximum number of players on a field plus one half (e.g. for 7v7 soccer, the championship team will be awarded 7+4 =11 shirts). 

T-shirts may be picked up in the Intramural Sports Office in the Reckord Armory beginning on the first business day following the championship contest.  Tournament winners and members of championship teams should bring their UID to the Intramural Sports Office in the Armory to pick up a championship t-shirt. Please plan to pick up your championship t-shirt by the end of the semester during which the championship was won

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The Intramural Sports office is location on the first floor of the Reckord Armory, just outside the gymnasium. The office is open:

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