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Athletic Training

Promoting quality patient care, education, and safety through collaboration

Through a partnership with the University of Maryland School of Medicine Department of Orthopaedics, RecWell athletic training services assist all currently registered University of Maryland students with athletic and orthopedic injuries, concussion management, and education.  

RecWell Athletic Training services include:

  • Evaluation and treatment of athletic injuries, 
  • Concussion management,
  • Rehabilitative exercise prescription,
  • First aid/emergency care, 
  • Medical advice, and 
  • Physician referrals

Athletic Training Services & Appointments

  1. ​Current UMD students with an active RecWell membership
  2. Current UMD Faculty/Staff members with an active RecWell membership who reside within the State of Maryland 
  3. Individuals with an orthopedic injury (muscle, tendon, ligament, joint, bone) both chronic and acute

All currently registered UMD students are eligible to receive athletic training services through the RecWell Athletic Training program at no additional cost. These services include:

  • concussion management
  • evaluation/treatment of athletic injuries
  • rehabilitative exercise prescription
  • first aid/emergency care
  • medical advice
  • physician referrals

Services not offered are massage therapy and clinician assisted stretching.


Your safety is a priority. In the event a participant sustains a head injury while participating in a RecWell facility or program, RecWell Concussion Protocols will be initiated. Based on signs observed and the symptoms reported by the participant, the recommendation may be made for the participant to refrain from further physical activity until care and clearance is rendered by a medical professional. 

Traumatic Injury and Concussion 

Concussion At Play Playbook 

NFHS Concussion Resource

The RecWell athletic training staff maintain health information and medical records for athletic injuries sustained during RecWell participation. These records and health information are considered protected health information (PHI). Under HIPAA, the health insurance portability and accountability act, RecWell participants' PHI, including evaluations, care, and treatment will be protected and private. RecWell athletic training staff will only disclose health information to applicable RecWell administrators and club coaching staff to relay whether a participant can safely continue to participate in RecWell programming. 

Our program at RecWell aligns its standards of practice as stated by National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA). For additional information regarding these standards of practice, please see the resources below.

NATA Position Statements

NATA Consensus

NATA Official Statements

NATA Support Statement

alysia and thomas

Athletic Trainers Monthly Perspective is a monthly blog about current and relevant orthopedic and sports medicine topics. RecWell Athletic Trainers share their expertise and insight into common ailments, injury prevention, and more. 

Intramural Soccer Emergency Services

Emergency Action Plans are essential in order to be prepared in the event of an emergency. The plans are based on location, facility resources, and safety equipment available. 


Covid-19 Clinic Policies

  • It is recommended that all participants make an appointment in advance to receive healthcare services in the athletic training room, however walk-ins are welcome.
  • All participants entering the athletic training room MUST bring their own mask and wear it throughout the duration of their time in the athletic training room.  All face coverings with slogans/symbols must be appropriate for the professional environment.
  • You may not bring anyone with you into the athletic training room, unless necessary for medical reasons.  If you are accompanied by a friend or are receiving a ride from another individual, they may wait outside to accommodate for social distancing practices.
  • It is recommended that all participants entering the athletic training room refrain from bringing non-essential items with them to their appointment, such as bags, coats, etc. as there will be no space to store these items.  Please try to only come in with essential items such as keys, IDs, and phone.
  • The participant will be directed where to sit for social distancing purposes and their evaluation or service will begin.
  • All athletic training staff will be required to wear a mask at all times when working in the athletic training room.  All face coverings must be appropriate for a professional environment.
  • Athletic training staff will wash their hands both prior to evaluation of a participant and post-evaluation.
  • Athletic training staff will wear gloves when performing evaluations.
  • All evaluation tables, modalities, and surfaces will be cleaned following the completion of each participant evaluation or service.

Location & Hours

The RecWell Athletic Training room is located in Ritchie Coliseum on the basement level (rm 0100). Spring semester hours January 24 to May 10th.

Monday to Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday/Sunday
11AM to 3PM 12:30PM to 3PM 10:30AM to 2:30PM Closed

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Alysia Henderson

Head Athletic Trainer
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