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Intramural Sports - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to our most common questions are below.  Contact us at if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for!

Intramural Sports offers a variety of different activities in several different leagues.

View current calendar of intramural sports.

  • All undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in any department or college of the University and current faculty and staff members are eligible to enjoy all intramural privileges and shall retain that status until they withdraw, graduate, take a leave of absence, or fail to comply with eligibility rules or other guidelines.
  • Alumni, University Affiliates, and Shady Grove students are NOT eligible for any division. Shady Grove students may become eligible upon paying an activity fee at the Shady Grove campus. Upon doing so, SGRV001 will appear on their class schedule and they would be eligible to participate in intramural sports.
  • Any contest in which an ineligible player was used will be forfeited, the team will be eliminated from the tournament, and the last team playing against the disqualified team will advance.

All registration is completed on the IMLeagues website. This site requires you to log in using your UID and password. On the IMLeagues website, you will have the option to register for sports by creating or joining existing teams, see when leagues are scheduled to play, and communicate with teammates.

IMLeagues Registration Site

  • For team sports (e.g. soccer, basketball), individuals may play for one coed and one single-gender (e.g. men’s, fraternity, women’s, graduate/faculty/staff) team per sport season. The first team a participant plays for is the team that person is committed to for that sport. A player who has participated for a team cannot switch teams for the remainder of that sport, league, or tournament (exception: first team forfeits immediately and/or person did not participate in any contest). Participants may play on one Fraternity, Men’s, Women’s, OR Graduate/Faculty/Staff team and one Coed team. (see Intramural Participant Handbook for more details regarding leagues offered). 
  • For individual/dual sports (e.g. tennis, badminton), individuals may participate in the doubles tournament, the singles tournament, and the coed doubles tournament.
  • For team sports (e.g. soccer, basketball), your team will play at the same time each week for the regular season (round robin) tournament. This schedule is determined at the time of registration based on the division for which you registered. Following round robin play, eligible teams will advance to a single elimination playoff tournament. During the playoff tournament, your team may be scheduled at any time throughout the week.  
  • For individual/dual sports, you will be scheduled to play based on your team’s availability. Your captain will have the opportunity, prior to the release of the schedule, to notify our office of any scheduling conflicts during the season.
  • If you do not have a team, you may sign up as a  “Free Agent” on the IMLeagues website. You must first register an account on the site and then select the appropriate league/divisions in which you wish to play. 

    Free Agents may request to join teams looking for players, signified online by a blue icon "looking" under the team name, or may be asked by a captain to join a team. Please note that we cannot guarantee placement on a team. If you are having trouble finding a team to join, please email us at, so we can match you with a team in need of players.


    A forfeit is issued when a team or individual fails to be present for a scheduled game/match at the time the game/match is scheduled to start and does not notify the Intramural Sports Office in advance. 

    • Forfeits are recorded as a 'mercy-rule' loss and 0.0 sportsmanship rating. 
    • The captain's student account will be charged $40.
    • A Team that forfeits the equivalent of two games will be dropped from competition without the possibility of reentry and charged $80 ($40 x 2 forfeits).

    A default may only be claimed in team sports.  To default, click on the "Default Form" button at the top of this page.

    • A default is an un-played game that is recorded as a loss (by mercy rule) and a 3.0 sportsmanship score rather than a forfeit. 
    • This results when the defaulting team captain notifies the Intramural Sports Office that they will not show up to play a contest by NOON on the BUSINESS DAY (Monday through Friday) of the scheduled game.
    • Teams may only default once per sports season. A second default in the same season will be recorded as a forfeit. 

    Policies related for forfeits/defaults

    • Game time is forfeit time. Teams should have at least the minimum players required signed-in no later than game time. Failure to do so will result in a loss (forfeit) which carries a $10(individual sports) or $40(team sports) charge to the captain's student account.
    • In instances of violations of Intramural Policy, forfeits are issued. Forfeits due to ineligible players or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a loss for the offending team (the forfeit fee may not apply to this type of situation).
    • Teams that forfeit may not be eligible for the play-offs.
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