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personal training

Personal Training

Fitness is a Journey, Not a Destination!

Train with a nationally certified personal trainer in-person or virtually. Work with our fitness professionals to refine or define your fitness goals, be held accountable, stay motivated, and learn how to exercise safely and effectively with purpose. Personal Training Plus (PT+) packages offer nutrition coaching sessions in addition to personal training sessions.

Standard Personal Training Package 

Personal Training packages are available for individual and team training (2 clients with 1 trainer). Exercising with a partner offers accountability, encouragement, and fun! The team training package prices represent the total price for the package, not per person. Sessions can be completed in-person or virtually via video conferencing. All training sessions are 60 minutes in length.

Package UMD Student RecWell Member Limited Access Member
1 session $40 $50 $60
3 sessions $115 $140 $170
5 sessions $180 $225 $270
10 sessions $300 $375 $450
12 sessions $336 $420 $504
15 sessions $390 $488 $585
Team Training Package UMD Students RecWell Members
1 team training session $60 $75
3 team training sessions $150 $187.50
5 team training sessions $200 $250
10 team training sessions $330 $412.50
12 team training sessions $370 $462.50
15 team training sessions $440 $550

Plus (PT+) Packages

Personal Training Plus (PT+) is a team approach that matches a client up with both a RecWell Personal Trainer and a University Health Center Peer Nutrition Coach to accomplish your exercise and healthy eating goals. PT+ packages are only sold September through April each year. 


Package UMD Student RecWell Member Limited Access Member
10 sessions $330 $413 $495
12 sessions $366 $458 $549

Personal Training FAQs

UMD students, RecWell members and UMD Limited Access Members may purchase personal training and personal training plus sessions.

In-person personal training sessions can be held in the Eppley Recreation Center (ERC), Ritchie Coliseum, or the School of Public Health (SPH). Virtual Personal Training is also an option, enabling you to engage in sessions with your trainer from the comfort of your own home through video conferencing.

Nutrition coaching sessions will take place in the Eppley Recreation Center (ERC).

All sessions expire 4 months from the date you are paired with your personal trainer via email. For special circumstances, please contact Kevin Yang at

RecWell Personal Trainers (undergraduate and graduate students) are NCAA-accredited nationally certified trainers who are passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals.You can expect your trainer to help you define your fitness goals, construct a personalized exercise program to help you achieve your goals, and help motivate you to adhere to your program. 

University Health Center Nutrition Coaches (undergraduate students) are senior dietetic students supervised by the campus Registered Dietitian. Coaches will work with you to assess your eating patterns, set realistic goals, and help you develop a pattern of eating that will support your goals today and in the future. 

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