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Fitness & Body Composition Assessments

Know Your Numbers to Meet Your Health and Fitness Goals

Fitness Assessments offer a picture of overall physical health. Each fitness assessment is comprised of 5 tests: BodPod body composition, push-up, sit-up, sit-and-reach, and 3-minute step. As a result of completing a fitness assessment, clients will learn their body fat percentage and how they measure against the general population.

When you know your numbers, you can specifically tailor your fitness program and goals to your needs, measure your progress, and identify areas for improvement. 

Fitness Assessment & BodPod Pricing

UMD Students RecWell Members Limited Access Members Community Members
Fitness Assessment $35 $40 $50 Not available
Bod Pod (R) Body Composition Testing Included in fitness assessment Included in fitness assessment Included in fitness assessment $55

Students, RecWell members and Limited Access members are eligible for Fitness Assessments, which include a Bod Pod® body composition test. Fitness Assessments and Bod Pod testing are not currently available to community members due to COVID restrictions on campus visitors. Community members are not eligible for Fitness Assessments, but may purchase a Bod Pod test.

A series of 5 assessments with a certified RecWell Personal Trainer. Bod Pod body composition test, muscular strength/endurance test, flexibility test and submaximal cardio test. All assessments are optional.

A non-invasive air displacement body composition test designed to provide a picture of fat versus fat free mass.

Review the pre-test preparation guide prior to the test. 

Groups of three or more should contact Kevin Yang at for group testing opportunities and discounts.

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