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Outdoor Aquatic Center

The Outdoor Aquatic Center, located on the west end of Eppley Recreation Center, is a vibrant and fun space for aquatic activities under the sun. From lap swimming to sand volleyball, or simply relaxing on the pool deck the OAC is a great place to be active during warm weather months. A RecWell membership or facility rental is required to access the Outdoor Aquatic Center.

Please follow @UMDRecWell on Twitter for immediate phone notifications about pool closures and schedule changes. 

Season Opening April 27
Outdoor Aquatic Center MON through FRI
10am to 6pm
10am to 6pm
10am to 6pm
Facility MON through FRI Saturday Sunday
6am to 9:30pm 8am to 7:30pm 10am to 7:30pm
Outdoor Aquatic Center (OAC) Pools
The pool at the OAC will close for the season October 14
The water closes 15 minutes prior to the pool closing.
Aug 28 to Sept 30, 6am to 10pm
After Sept 30, 11am to 6pm
Aug 28 to Sept 30, 8am to 9pm
After Sept 30, 11am to 6pm
Aug 28 to Sept 30, 10am to 9pm
After Sept 30, 11am to 6pm
Outdoor Aquatic Center (OAC) Pool Deck only
The pool deck will remain open for relaxation October 15 to 28
4pm to 8pm 4pm to 8pm 4pm to 8pm

Final Exam and Winter Hours can be found at recwell-alerts.

Facilility MON through FRI SATURDAY SUNDAY
Outdoor Aquatic Center Closed for the season Closed for the season Closed for the season
Facility Date Time Event

University Recreation & Wellness (RecWell) rules and regulations are designed to promote a safe and pleasurable recreation experience for all. They are not intended to be exhaustive. University Recreation & Wellness reserves the right to prohibit behavior which, in the professional judgment of RecWell staff, may place either patrons or RecWell facilities at risk. All students, RecWell members, and guests are responsible for behaving in a safe and appropriate manner and complying with posted and published rules and regulations for facility use.

Rules & Regulations

Due to the nature of this space, availability for rentals is limited.

For more information about rentals for the Outdoor Aquatic Center, please contact RecWell Reservations Office at The Outdoor Aquatic Center closes for the season in early October and reopens in late April. 

Parking on campus is regulated by UMD’s Department of Transportation Services. Regulations vary based on time of year, time of day, type of parking permit, and special events/construction projects. We recommend viewing DOTS’ parking maps for current accommodations and restrictions.

DOTS Parking Map

The Outdoor Aquatic Center (OAC) will open if the air temperature is forecasted to be 65 degrees or higher for the day. The Weather Channel will be used for determining forecast and temperature.

If the forecasted temperature fails to reach 65 degrees or drops below 65 degrees by 5pm, the OAC will close at 5pm.

Pools will close for 30 minutes and reopen 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder. The pools and deck will be cleared. Patrons may remain in the locker rooms or vestibule of the OAC.

Pools will close for 30 minutes and reopen 30 minutes after last bolt of lightning. All staff and patrons should exit the deck and seek shelter in the OAC locker rooms or the ERC. Do not use the showers. 

Pools will remain open as long as main drains are visible from lifeguard stand.

After hearing the tornado sirens, quickly evacuate to the ERC basement (by Equipment Issue). Patrons are strongly encouraged to go inside the ERC but are not required and may leave on their own recognizance.

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Natalie Taylor

Associate Director, Aquatics & Safety


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