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LaPlata Beach

LaPlata Beach is located directly across from the front entrance of the Eppley Recreation Center, situated between several high-rise undergraduate residence hall communities. This space, commonly referred to as “The Beach," is used for free play activities, like pick up soccer and volleyball games, as well as special events. One of the few outdoor spaces on the north side of campus, LaPlata Beach allows for both active and passive recreation and socialization opportunities. LaPlata Beach is accessible to current campus community members only, unless reserved through a RecWell facility use agreement

Facility Mon - Sun
LaPlata Beach Lights
(user operated)
Dusk - midnight

LaPlata Beach is accessible to current campus community members only, unless reserved through a RecWell Facility Use Agreement.

University Recreation & Wellness (RecWell) rules and regulations are designed to promote a safe and pleasurable recreation experience for all. They are not intended to be exhaustive. University Recreation & Wellness reserves the right to prohibit behavior which, in the professional judgment of RecWell staff, may place either patrons or RecWell facilities at risk. All students, RecWell members, and guests are responsible for behaving in a safe and appropriate manner and complying with posted and published rules and regulations for facility use.

Rules & Regulations

La Plata Beach can host a variety of rentals and special events such as cookouts, social events, and sporting events. While the turf space is a full-sized soccer field, it can accommodate small sided soccer and other informal sports.  The facility can be rented as individual spaces - the turf field or sand volleyball court); or the entire space can be rented for larger events. 

Some key rental features include:

  • Ability to host events year round and during some types of inclement weather due to turf field 
  • Power source located in the field space
  • Great location for inflatables

Facility Rental Information

Parking on campus is regulated by UMD’s Department of Transportation Services. Regulations vary based on time of year, time of day, type of parking permit, and special events/construction projects. We recommend viewing DOTS’ parking maps for current accommodations and restrictions.

DOTS Parking Map

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