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COVID-19 Safety & Guidelines

The COVID-19 pandemic requires the cooperation of the entire community to keep each other safe. State, County, and University guidelines impact RecWell facilities, programs, and services. Please follow the link below for the most up-to-date information on current protocols and procedures related to COVID-19 at the University. Thank you for doing your part 4Maryland .

In accordance with county, state, and University guidelines, RecWell developed policies to keep staff and patrons safe. Adherence to these policies and existing RecWell policies at Rules & Regulations is required for access to RecWell facilities and participation in any RecWell program. 

RecWell reserves the right to close areas and/or remove participants from any area where patrons are not adhering to indoor mask mandates.

Effective August 8 at 5pm,  in accordance with County and University guidance, face coverings will be required indoors regardless of vaccination status. 

The ONLY exception to this policy is a face covering may be removed for swimming. Face coverings should be worn into the Natatorium and onto the pool deck and only removed just prior to entering the water and replaced immediately upon exiting the water.

Face coverings will be available for purchase at the Member Services desk inside the main doors at Eppley Recreation Center.

While recreating, RecWell recommends you: 

  • Ensure your face covering is comfortable and secure prior to engaging in physical activity. Avoid touching your face and limit touching/adjusting your face covering during physical activity as much as possible. 
  • Carry a second face covering with you and replace face coverings when they become damp/wet while engaging in physical activity.
  • Try to utilize a face covering with two layers that is made from breathable, synthetic materials as they can help lessen moisture buildup compared to surgical, paper, or cotton fabric face coverings and those with more than two layers.
  • STOP physical activity or take a break if breathing becomes difficult. Aim to perform higher intensity exercises outdoors or in areas with greater physical distancing opportunities. 
  • If you have existing heart or lung conditions, decrease the intensity of your typical physical activity and stop immediately if breathing becomes difficult or you feel dizzy, lightheaded, or sick. 
  • After physical activity, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Once in a safe and proper setting to do so, remove your face covering by only touching the back or straps and avoid touching your face. 
  • Wash your face covering after each use if it is reusable cloth or discard single use face coverings.

Additional considerations: 

RecWell recognizes that some individuals in our community may not be able to wear a face covering, and that face coverings are not recommended or possible for everyone. Please note that RecWell staff are not able to grant face covering exemptions at this time. If you have questions about the campus-wide policy requiring face coverings indoors or possible accommodations to the face covering requirement, please call Accessibility and Disability Service at 301-314-7682 or visit If you have general questions or concerns related to face coverings in RecWell facilities, please contact us at

At this time the following equipment/ activities are restricted due to health and safety guidance: 

  • Public yoga mats 
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room

At this time reservations are only required for in-person group fitness classes and lap swimming Monday-Thursday 4pm - 8pm in the Natatorium. 


To make a reservation for in-person group fitness click here -->>

To make a reservation for lap swim click here -->>

Other Resources on COVID-19:

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