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Fitness Assessment

WHAT: RecWell offers Fitness Assessment services which consist of a 1-hour fitness testing session with a RecWell Personal Trainer that will provide a complete overview of your personal fitness profile.  The assessment includes a YMCA submaximal bike or 3-minute step test to assess cardiovascular fitness, a muscular strength/ endurance test, a flexibility test and a Bod Pod ®Gold Standard body composition testing and analysis. Assessments are ideal for those just beginning a fitness routine or those working toward a fitness goal.
WHO: Open to University Recreation & Wellness members and University of Maryland students
: $33 RecWell members; $26.40 students


WHAT: RecWell in conjunction with the Department of Kinesiology at UMD have partnered to offer the Bod Pod ® Gold Standard body composition testing and analysis to the University of Maryland community and affiliates.
: Open to the general public.
: $50 

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How reliable is the BOD POD

The Bod Pod ® uses the same gold standard hydrostatic (underwater) weighing principles, but with air instead of water, to offer accurate, safe, fast and comfortable test results. Bod Pod ® and hydrostatic weighing usually agree within 1% body fat.

Why is it important to measure body composition?

While it is not the sole indicator of a person’s health, body composition can provide insight into a person’s physical picture of health. High body composition often corresponds with increased risks for weight-related disease such as cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Testing results are easy to reproduce, making this an excellent way of monitoring the success of body composition altering programs.


How long does the test take?

A complete Bod Pod ® test takes about 5-minutes and requires the participant to wear a form-fitting bodysuit and sit in a confined chamber for 2-minutes to measure air displacement. The entire process of testing and interpretation takes about 30-minutes.

Who can be tested?

Anyone 18 years of age or older.

Participant Pre‐Testing Instructions

Please adhere to the guidelines listed in this document.

Register for Bod Pod + Fitness Assessments

Please return these three completed documents the ERC Member Services desk or e-mail to rowhb@umd.edu

Questions about Bod Pod +Fitness Assessments

Please contact Bre Rowh, Assistant Director of Fitness
rowhb@umd.edu or 301-226-4418

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2017 Winter and Spring Interview Sessions

Click here to access the RecWell student employee screening interview sign up.  Only individuals who attended the informational sessions on 11/14 or 11/15 will be able to interview.  

For all questions contact Earl Cabellon at ecabell@umd.edu.