Tuesday, July 25, 2017
College Park, MD ()
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Virtual EMS

Virtual EMS enables users to browse reservations in University Recreation and Wellness facilities.  By using the filter feature:


  1. Clubs can see what’s available to make additional reservations
  2. Fans can see when their team is playing next at home
  3. Perspective club members can look up practice schedules

 Disclaimer: When looking for additional facility space:

  • Not everything that looks available is available!  For example, some facilities are reserved for open recreation and sometimes other user groups have priority access. 
  • Practices requested on the weekends may get bumped in several spaces like Ritchie, the Turf, Cole, etc.
  • During ICA basketball and football events some facilitates are unavailable
  • Clubs MUST reserve additional space through the Sport Clubs professional staff.  DO NOT contact other University Recreation and Wellness staff members for space and DO NOT show up and use a space without a prior reservation.

 Virtual EMS Link

 Virtual EMS Tutorial