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Sport Club FAQs

What is the difference between Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs?


Intramural Sports is a department within University Recreation & Wellness that provides the structure for competitive and non-competitive sport play. When you play an Intramural Sport you play other on-campus teams. Intramural Sports trains officials, provides facility space, jerseys, equipment and league scheduling. Sport Clubs are run by student members. A Sport Club is responsible for scheduling their own practices and meetings, recruiting members, requesting funding, arranging travel and maintaining club equipment. Most clubs practice 2-4 times a week and compete against other universities.

What is the difference between a sport club and a varsity program?


Varsity programs are NCAA sports facilitated by Intercollegiate Athletics. Sport clubs are under the direct supervision of the University Recreation & Wellness. Sport Clubs offer the benefit of continuing your sport at a competitive level without the time commitment and high demands of a varsity program. Sport Clubs do not provide scholarships to their athletes.

What are the benefits of joining a club?

There are many benefits to being involved including improved fitness, meeting new people, being part of a community and the opportunity to travel.  Aside from the opportunity to learn a new sport or continue in a familiar one, the Sport Clubs program gives students an opportunity to participate in the leadership roles and decision making process of club activities.

How do clubs operate?

Clubs are run by student officers.  A club must have a least two officers (president, treasurer). The officers are responsible for the successful operation of the club including but not limited to budgeting, scheduling practices, coordinating league schedules, planning events, fundraising, policy adherence and communicating with the Sport Club professional staff.  The success of individual clubs and the Sport Club program is dependent on the professionalism and leadership shown by the club officers.

When can I join a club?

Participants are highly encouraged to join a Sport Club team during the open enrollment period at the start of each semester.  During the open enrollment period, perspective members are encouraged to just show up to a club’s practice space/time or attend an informational meeting.

The open enrollment period for each semester is:
  • FALL: September 1 - October 1, 2016
  • SPRING: January 30 – March 1, 2017
Prospective members may join at another time throughout the year, but must do so by coming to the Sport Clubs Office located on Level 0 of the Eppley Recreation Center, Room 0121.  There, you will complete a Release & Informed Consent Form and join the club on-line.  After completing all the requirements, the student will be given an Add Slip to be presented to a club officer at practice. New members who join outside the open enrollment period will not be able to travel with the club for 3 weeks.  New members should not just show-up to a club practice to join the club outside the open enrollment period.  They MUST come to the Sport Clubs Office first! 

I don’t know how to play that sport. Can I still join the club?

No experience, no problem!  The majority of clubs encourage novices to join.  Sport Clubs are a great way to learn and experience a new sport.  Typically novices are encouraged to join at the beginning of each semester.

Do I have to have my own equipment to join a club?

Depends on the club and you. Most clubs which require equipment, have a limited amount of entry level equipment for new members to use. Some activities you will need to have your own equipment.

Do I have to try out?

Anyone can join a sport club regardless of their ability.  However, due to financial limitations, many clubs limit the number of members that travel to compete.  Try outs or evaluations may be necessary to select traveling teams.  In addition, A, B and C squads may be formed based on the size of the club to allow for different levels of competition and participation.      

Are there fees to join?

Clubs set their own dues.  The cost of being a part of a sport club greatly varies depending on which club you are interested in joining.  Because most clubs are financially supported by University Recreation & Wellness and/or the Student Government Association, dues are limited and range from $0-$1,000 per year.  Additional costs could be added depending on gear, travel and other activities.  Clubs try to limit out of pocket expenses by participating in various fundraisers. For more information on the specifics of what it costs to participate in a club, contact the club directly.

How often are practices? When are they held?

The Sport Club professional staff creates the practice schedule based on club requests.  Clubs are responsible for organizing and planning individual club practices and workouts.  Most clubs practice 3-4 times/week for 1-2 hours.  Practice attendance may be considered when selecting squads and traveling teams.

Where are practices held?

Most clubs practice at various facilities across campus including the Eppley Recreation Center, School of Public Health, Reckord Armory, Cole Fieldhouse, Ritchie Coliseum, RecWell Turf, and Engineering & Frat Row grass fields.

Some clubs practice off campus.  These clubs include Ice Hockey (M & W), Crew (M & W), Sailing, Baseball, Equestrian, Paintball and Boxing.  In most cases clubs coordinate car pools to off campus practice locations.

Who do you play?

Sport Club teams participate in a number of leagues and are members of various associations that operate under the direction of each respective sport’s national governing body. Sport Clubs competes against other recognized intercollegiate club sports programs. Such teams include: Towson, American, Rutgers, George Washington, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Navy, NC State, Temple and many more. In addition, many of our club teams compete regionally and nationally.  In the past clubs, have qualified for nationals held in locations such as Ft. Lauderdale, FL; San Diego, CA; St. Louis, MO, and Lexington, KY.

How competitive are the sport clubs?

Our teams regularly attend league and regional championships.  Several have attended the National Championships for their respective sports in recent years. Most sports clubs compete at Division 1 or 2 levels. 

Are there coaches?

The clubs are student led and coached by students or adult volunteers.

Are tournaments held on campus?

Yes.  Clubs coordinate and host several tournaments and home events each year.  Some are even open to the public!  These competitions also make for great spectating opportunities.

What is the Sport Club Assembly?

The purpose of the Sport Club Assembly (SCA) is to promote, develop, and assist the Sport Clubs of the University of Maryland. The Sport Club Assembly is a training ground for leadership and organizational development. The mission is to facilitate collaboration amongst the clubs and to positively represent the Sport Club Program to the University and the community.


The Sport Club Assembly is made up of one representative from each club.  The Assembly meets once a month during the academic year.


How do learn more about a specific club?

Information can be found on the club’s website or social media account, by emailing the club contact and by inquiring in person at the Sport Clubs Office in the Eppley Recreation Center. 

Can I be in a member of a Sport Club and play Intramural Sports?

Sure thing!  Sport Clubs members are eligible to participate in Intramural sports; however, teams are limited to the following:

1.     Individual and Dual Sports: Participants must play at the “A” Level.

a.     Doubles Teams may only have one club player and must also play at the “A” Level.

2.     For all major team sports:

a.     Teams with ONE (1) Club Member may participate at either the “A” or “B” Level.

b.     Teams with TWO (2) Club Members must participate at the “A” Level.

c.     Exception: For 9v9 Soccer, an "A" team may have up to THREE (3) club players.

3.     Club members are those persons who have within the current academic year:

a.     Participated in ANY practices and/or games with the team; or

b.     Have signed a Club Waiver; or

c.     Listed as a member of the club on the Sport Club Roster


NOTE: This is for same or “like sports”! For example; if you are a club basketball player participating in soccer, this rule does NOT apply.