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Intramural Sport Rules

Team Handball


1.       Six (6) players constitute a team – five (5) field players and one (1) goalie.  A team may not start with fewer than four (4) players.

2.       The game will consist of two (2) halves of fifteen (15) minutes. A maximum of forty (40) minutes per game from the scheduled starting time is permitted. During the first fourteen (14) minutes of each half, the clock will only stop for official time-outs. The clock will stop during the last minute of each half. Each team will be allowed one (1) time out per half.

3.       The winner of a tie game will be determined by a five (5) minute sudden death overtime. If the game is still tied at the end of overtime, penalty throws will decide a winner. The team that had the ball first in overtime will throw first. Each team will then have five (5) throws. If the score remains tied, the process will continue with each team receiving one (1) throw until the tie is broken (the team that throws second will have an opportunity to match a goal scored by the first team). A different player must be used for each throw until the roster has been played through. After that, the team must go through the roster in the same order as the first time.

4.       CRS will provide a regulation ball for all matches.

5.       This version of Team Handball will be played on the indoor soccer fields – using the same sized goals as indoor soccer.

6.       Shoes with metal cleats, metal tipped cleats, plastic cleats with sharp edges (i.e. baseball cleats), or any other shoes deemed unsafe by the Supervisor may not be used. Shoes with rubber, nylon, or blunt plastic cleats may be worn. Jewelry must be removed before a player can participate (no taping).

7.       Substitutions are unlimited but players must enter and exit the playing field from the designated substitution area (the door in the wall). Failure to abide by the substitution rules will result in a free throw for the opposing team. Repeated violations or disregard for the rule will result in an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty.

8.       Offense begins play at start of each half and after every goal with throw off. At time of throw off, each team must be lined up on their own side of center court. Throw-offs take place at the wall on the centerline.

9.       The goal area will be defined by a semi-circle that is the goalkeepers space ONLY.


Basic Objective: outmaneuver opponent by passing the ball and then scoring by throwing the ball past the defense and goalie.


a.       A player may not touch the ball below his or her knees.

b.      A player may not dive for the ball.

c.       There is no limit on continuously dribbling the ball. (However, double dribbles are not allowed).

d.      A player cannot take more than 3 steps when holding the ball or hold it for more than 3 seconds. While holding the ball, a player may establish a pivot foot, but each step taken with non-pivot foot counts as a step.

e.      A player may not self-pass.

f.        A player is allowed to use the body to set a pick.

g.       When shooting or passing, a player may be in the air over the goal area circle as long as their takeoff was from outside of the goal area line and they release the ball before touching the ground inside the area. "Alleyoops" are allowed. The player must then exit the area in the shortest route possible without interfering with other players.


2.       DEFENSE

a.       The defender cannot push, hold, or hit the opponent with any part of the body.

b.      A defender may not knock the ball from an opponent’s hand.

c.       Penalty throws will be awarded if the defender breaks the plane between themselves and the shooter and initiates contact during a shot on goal.


3.       THROW-IN

a.       Taken at point where ball goes out of bounds.

b.      Defense must be 3 feet away.

c.       Thrower must have one foot on sideline and one behind.

d.      When a defensive player is last to touch a ball going out of bounds over goal line, the offense takes a throw-in from corner. If goalie is last to touch it, it is the goalie’s ball.


a.       A ball inside the goal area, not in the air, belongs to goalie.

b.      When a court player (on either team) enters the goal area:

                                                               i.      Offense enters and gains advantage – Goalkeeper Throw.

                                                             ii.      Defense enters but does not prohibit scoring chance – Free Throw.

                                                            iii.      Defense enters and prohibits clear scoring chance – Penalty Throw.

c.       The goalkeeper:

                                                           iv.      May play the ball with any part of the body within the goal area.

                                                             v.      May not kick the ball after possession has been gained.

                                                           vi.      May not leave goal area with possession of the ball.

                                                          vii.      May not enter goal area after obtaining possession of ball outside goal area.

                                                        viii.      May not reach outside goal area to gain possession of the ball.

d.      All infractions committed by the goalkeeper will result in a Free Throw.

e.      Goals may be scored from all formal throws and the ball must pass entirely over the goal line.


a.       Penalty Throws:

                                                           ix.      Given when offensive player is fouled flagrantly or referee feels the offense had a good scoring opportunity when fouled.

                                                             x.      Thrower must continuously have one foot in contact with penalty dot and must throw within 3 seconds of referee’s whistle. All other players must stand five (5) yards behind thrower until the ball is released.

                                                           xi.      Goalie may take any position within goal area.

                                                          xii.      Ball is live after penalty throw.

b.      Free Throws:

                                                        xiii.      Given for all other fouls and will be taken from spot of foul.

                                                        xiv.      Defense must remain three (3) feet away from thrower.

                                                         xv.      Thrower must have one foot in contact with the floor and throw the ball within three (3) seconds of referee’s whistle.

6.       SCORING

a.       A goal is scored when the entire ball crosses the goal line.

b.       Goals scored by women count as two (2) points. The last offensive person to touch the ball will be credited with the goal.

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