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Intramural Sport Rules

Gym Class Heroes Soccer Tennis


1.       All games will be played on the Cole Tennis Courts using a size 5 soccer ball.

2.        Soccer Tennis will be an coed league in which each team must have at least 1 male and 1 female. Teams may have up to three individuals one the court at one time and an unlimited number of individuals on the roster. However, we highly recommend that teams do not exceed 4 roster members

3.       The match will be played best of 3 games to 15. A team does NOT need to win by 2. Each team has one timeout per match.

4.       All participants must wear a shirt, shorts, socks and shoes. Any shoe that may cause damage to the surface will not be permitted (i.e. cleats)


1.       THE KICK-OFF A kick-off is used to begin each game, and also between each point scored. Kick-offs are played from behind the service line of the tennis court (similar position to tennis services). Players cannot step on the line during a kick-off, but if a player elects to jump serve the kick-off he can land inside the court after the service. A player has two attempts to execute a kick-off and must play the ball out of his hands, either per volley or drop kick (ball hitting the ground before being kicked). Balls can land anywhere on the opposing team side.  The player cannot return the kick-off directly. The kick-off must bounce once in the serve court.) Any kick-off that hits the net but lands on the opposing side (let) must be repeated. If the first service does not make it over the net or in bounds, a second service is awarded. If such an event happens twice (double fault), the opposing team receives a point and the service.

2.       SCORING - Both teams can score a point at any time (the defending team can score even if they did not kick off to start play). After each break in play, the server should call out the score stating first the kick-off team score, followed by the defending team score.

3.       TEAM BALL CONTACTS- The receiving team can touch the ball a maximum of three times before returning the ball to the opposing team. Except during the kick-off where the receiving player is allowed to take 2 touches. Between the service recipient’s 2 touches, the Ball cannot bounce to the ground.  All three players do not need to touch the ball however. (For example, Player A passes to Player B, who returns the ball to Player A, who then plays the ball over the net.) The ball can be directly returned to the opposing team with only one ball touch, if desired.

4.       - INDIVIDUAL PLAYER BALL CONTACT Players can use any part of their body to touch the ball, with the exception of the arms or hands. Shoulders are not considered part of the arm.

5.       GROUND BALL CONTACTS- The only time a ball is allowed to touch the ground outside the playing field, is when a kick-off player elects to bounce the ball before kick-off. Any other ground contacts outside the playing field are “out balls” and the opposing team is awarded a point and the next service. Inside the playing field, a ball can bounce one time before a player touches the Ball. Since the maximum number of players that can touch the ball before a return is three, the maximum number of times a ball can touch the ground before being returned to the opposing side is two. The two ground contacts must be used by a minimum of two players before returning the ball.  The players can decide to return the ball after only one touch if desired.

6.       POINTS  Every play can result in a point scored by either one of the teams.

7.       Faults at the kick-off

a.       Kick-off is done before referee allows play to begin.

b.      Kick-off is not played from the hands.

c.       More than one ground contact is made before kicking off.

d.      The player steps onto the playing field during or before kick-off.

e.      Player kicks the ball into the net (If the ball hits the net, and goes over to the opposing side, the fault does not result in a point, but the kick-off is repeated.)

f.        The kick-off lands outside the playing field (‘out”)

8.       Faults during a play

a.       Player uses more than two touches before getting rid of the ball.

b.      During a play, the ball touches the ground more than two times.

c.       The ball has more ground contacts than players who touch the ball.

d.      A team plays the ball, and it lands outside the playing field.

e.      A team plays the ball into the net.

f.        A player touches the net.

g.       A player touches the ball with their hand, or arm.

h.      The ball touches the ground before it goes over the net.

9.       COURT CHANGE - After every game, both teams change sides. The kick-off remains with the team who scored prior to last game being called.


Supervisors can warn players for unsportsmanlike conduct by issuing a yellow card to the offending player. Also, the team loses 1 point. A red card will bar the player from the rest of the match, and their team must substitute another player. If there is no other player, the team needs to finish the game with two players on the field. Also, the team loses 3 points.


Contact the Intramural Sports Office

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 9pm
Friday  10am – 7pm
Phone: 301-226-4444
Rain Line: 301-314-RAIN

Intramural Sports Director 
Mary Kate Crawford 

Coordinator, Intramural Sports 
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