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Intramural Sport Rules

Dodge Ball Rules

Dodge ball will be played between 4:00pm-10:00pm in the Armory. .


·         Proper attire should be worn.  No jeans or dress pants should be allowed.

·         Players may not wear ball hats or jewelry.  Taping of exposed jewelry will not be permitted. This is for your safety as well as others.

·         Players bleeding or having blood on clothing will be prohibited from participation.

·     Any player who refuses to follow these rules may be removed from the playing area.


Game Rules

  1. Each team must have 3 players to start the game but may play with up to 5. Teams may have additional players for substitutes (but only 5 may play per match). Each game is the best out of three.

2.      During play, all players must remain within the boundary lines, which is the volleyball court. Players can only pass through their end-line to retrieve balls. Upon returning, players must re-enter through the end-line.

3.      The game begins with all the players lined up behind their end-line. Six balls are placed at the center-line.  Players are only allowed to grab the three balls to their right of the center.  Once the balls are retrieved BOTH TEAMS must be behind their attack line before they can legally throw the ball at their opponent.  After retreating back to the attack line players are allowed to throw from anywhere on their side of the court. Six balls will be used at once during the game.

4.      A player may not (or will be out):

a.      Have any part of their body contact the playing surface on or over a sideline.

b.      Re-enter the field through their sideline.

c.       Leave the playing field (side-line or end-line) to avoid being hit by, or attempt to catch a ball.

d.      Have any part of their body cross over the center-line and contact the ground on their opponents’ side of the court.

5.      The team that has the most players remaining at the end of the game (5minute running clock) or to knock out all of the opponents teammates will be declared the winner.

6.      Players are eliminated by:

a.      Being hit by a thrown live ball below the shoulders. If a player is hit on the shoulder(s) or above they are NOT out!

b.      Throwing a ball that is caught in the air by their opponent. If a ball is muffed and then caught by a player of the same team only the thrower is out.         

c.       Having a ball knocked out of their hands by a thrown ball from the opponent.

d.      Stepping out of bounds or across the center-line (with the exception of retrieving a loose ball).

7.      A player who catches a live ball thrown by their opponent is allowed to bring an eliminated teammate back into the game.

  1. All throws must be below the shoulders. Hitting anyone in the head or shoulder with a ball is illegal (as well as unsportsmanlike).



SPORTSMANSHIP RATING:  Good sportsmanship is a requirement of all participants.  Players, coaches, and spectators are to conduct themselves properly at all times.  University Recreation & Wellness (RecWell) reserves the right to suspend or disqualify individuals or groups for unsportsmanlike conduct.  Unsportsmanlike actions before, during and/or after a contest will not be tolerated.



SUPERVISOR’S AUTHORITY:  The supervisor has the authority to rule on any situation not specially covered in the rules, to issue ejections, stop unfair or unruly behavior (this list is not meant to be inclusive), deemed necessary to help ensure the safety and well-being of the participants and the IM Program.

Contact the Intramural Sports Office

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 9pm
Friday  10am – 7pm
Phone: 301-226-4444
Rain Line: 301-314-RAIN

Intramural Sports Director 
Mary Kate Crawford 

Coordinator, Intramural Sports 
Jason Hess