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Intramural Sport Rules

7v7 Flag Football

The University of Maryland Intramural Flag Football program follows, in its entirety, the 2013 & 2014 NIRSA Flag & Touch Football Rules Book & Official’s Manual, with the exception of time restraints. The rules listed below do not represent the entire rule book; rather they have been complied as a guide.

  1. The playing field shall be 100yds long and 40yds wide. All gym bags, extra clothing, and spectators must be located at the end of the field. PLEASE ASSIST IM STAFF WITH THIS ENDEAVOR.
  2. Shoes must be worn. Shoes with metal cleats, exposed metal screw-in cleats, boots, and/or sandals are strictly prohibited. Furthermore shorts or pants with pockets and/or belt loops are prohibited. No article of clothing may cover any portion of the players flag (sweatshirts and shirts MUST be tucked in). Unsecured half shirts and exposed knots are not permitted as with hats with protruding rims. JEWELRY IS ILLEGAL AND SHALL NOT BE WORN. All type of earrings, eyebrow rings, nose rings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches (not meant to be inclusive) must be removed. NO POCKETS are permitted. 
  3. NO KICK-OFF. Five minutes before game time the captains should meet with all game officials to go over ground rules and determine who gets the ball. Please note that the options extended for both halves are: to go on Defense or Offense OR to choose which goal to defend. The winner of the toss may elect to defer their option to the second half. TEAMS DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY SWITCH AT HALF TIME.
  5. The game shall consist of four 10-minute quarters, running clock. The clock will stop in the final 2 minutes of the second half. There will be no overtime during regular season; games that end in a tie will be recorded as such. Teams are permitted three (3) timeouts per game.
  6. The offense is responsible for the ball on all plays and over throws. Teams may take the ball to the huddle and bring it up to the line themselves.
  7. MERCY RULE. Men’s & Women’s is 19 or more points at or within the two minute warning of the second half (Co-Ed is 25 points)
  8. NO FUMBLES. The ball is dead when it hits the ground!
  9. PUNTS: Teams (receiving teams) may advance an untouched punt. On the forth down teams must declare whether or not they plan to punt the ball or “go for it” NO FAKE PUNTS.
  10. Only one forward pass is allowed per down. All players are eligible receivers.
  11. TRY-FOR-POINT. After a team scores a touchdown they will be asked if they want to go for 1 point (ball placed on the 3yd line), for 2 points (ball placed on the 10yd line) OR for 3 points (the ball placed on the 20yd line). If the defense intercepts a try-for-point attempt the ball is dead and the play is over.
  12. Offense must have at least four people on the line of scrimmage. Only one player may be in motion at the time of the snap.
  13. If a player’s flag belt inadvertently falls off, then one-hand tag between the shoulders and knees constitute a capture.
  14. Players MAY dive to catch a pass, defend a pass, or to remove an opponent’s flag.
  15. Players may not guard their flag. The offense must be given the opportunity to remove the flag belt. Slapping a hand away, lower of the shoulder, placing the ball near the belt, and stiff-arming is illegal.
  16. The defense may not HOLD someone to remove their flag and they MUST GO FOR THE FLAG.
  17. SCREEN BLOCKING ONLY. Similar to basketball the block/charge theory will be used. Blockers should have their hands and arms BEHIND THEIR BACK. Any use of the hands, elbows, knees, or feet is illegal and will be penalized. Conversely, the defense MUST GO AROUND a blocker, not through them. Undue roughness will be penalized and a subsequent ejection will result.

a) The game shall be played between 2 teams of 8 players (4 men and 4 women). Games that have seven players; 3 men & 4 women or vice-versa. Teams that show up with 6 players must have at least 2 of each gender (may play 2/6)

b) The offensive team must have five players on the line of scrimmage at the time of snap.

c) If the play is OPEN there are no restrictions on who can catch or throw the ball.

d) Male to Male Completion.  During the offensive team’s possession there may not be 2 consecutive legal forward pass completions from a male passer to a male receiver. This rule applies to the try. If a male passer completes a legal forward pass to a male receiver, the next legal forward pass completion must involve either a female passer or a female receiver for positive yards (closed play). The spot where the ball becomes dead by rule must be beyond the scrimmage line. There are no other restrictions concerning a male passer completing legal forward passes to a female receiver, or female to female, or female to male. Penalty: Illegal Forward Pass, 5 yards from the spot where the second consecutive male to male completed legal forward pass is released, and a loss of down. Any foul, whether accepted or declined, shall have no effect on whether the next legal forward pass completion is “open” or “closed.”

e) If a female player scores a touchdown, the point value is 9. If a female player (QB) throws a legal forward pass and a touchdown is subsequently scored the value shall also be 9.

Contact the Intramural Sports Office

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 9pm
Friday  10am – 7pm
Phone: 301-226-4444
Rain Line: 301-314-RAIN

Intramural Sports Director 
Mary Kate Crawford 

Coordinator, Intramural Sports 
Jason Hess