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Intramural Sport Rules

4v4 Volleyball

NOTE: Intramural matches will be governed by current United States Volleyball Association (USVBA) Rules with the following modifications as listed below.

Rule 1 - General/Eligibility
  1. All teams and all players will be subject to current rules and regulations stated in the Intramural Guidelines (visit us online for a complete set of guidelines at <> )
  2. Current USA Volleyball rules will be in effect, with the exceptions of those listed on the following pages.
  3. Teams may have no more than two (2) Volleyball Club Member on their roster. Any team with two club players MUST PLAY IN THE “A” DIVISIONS. A team with one (1) club player may play in A or B.

Rule 2 - The Game
Teams should be ready for play at the scheduled time. A team with less than four players at match time will FORFEIT the entire match. GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME.

Teams playing with only 3 players will lose the serve when the empty position(s) or "hole" rotates into the service position (back right).  HOWEVER, the opposing team will NOT be awarded a point.

1. Prior to the beginning of the match, the team captains will participate in a coin toss to determine the choice of (1) first service or (2) court positioning. At the end of each game, the service and courts will automatically exchange.

2. If extended to a decisive third game, another coin toss will be held to determine choice of serve or court side. Once a team reaches eight (8) points, the teams exchange playing areas.

3. Matches will consist of three games. Rally scoring shall be used throughout all 3 games, team first to score *25pts (win by two, 30pt cap) will win the match

a) *The third game will only be played if need be. First team to 15 (win by two, 20pt cap) wins.

4. Time Outs: One (1), one minute time out per team per game. Unused time outs do not carry over.

Rule 3 - Equipment
  1. Gym shoes must be worn. Black-soled shoes, sandals, bare-feet, and boots are strictly prohibited.
  2. All jewelry must be removed. This includes, but is not limited to, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and watches (the decision of the supervisor on duty is final). Unyielding or dangerous equipment are not permitted, this includes blue-jeans
  3. Hats, including baseball caps, may not be worn during play.
  4. The Officials will provide the game ball. 

Rule 4 - Players and Substitutions

  1. A team shall be composed of four (4) players. 
  2. A minimum of three (3) players are required to start a match. In the event that a player becomes injured or has to leave the game (other than ejection) the game shall continue until the Supervisor deems it a farce.
  3. Substitutions: Teams may elect to rotate all players in one at a time through the server’s position OR may substitute player for player. Teams must use the same method (rotation or player for player) for the entire game. If teams choose to substitute player for player, a person who has subbed out may only re-enter in the same place for the same person. Also, once a player has substituted into the game and substituted out again, s/he may only re-enter the game to replace the person s/he replaced the first time. Subs must be reported to the scorer and recognized by the "down" official. If the substitution is not completed promptly, the referee shall charge a timeout to the offending team.
  4. While there are no regulations regarding back row players attacking the net, positional regulations will still be enforced. Players must rotate positions on the court. 

Rule 5 – MISC Rules
  1. Serves may be underhand, overhand or participants may attempt to jump serve. Serves may be taken from anywhere along the endline; regardless of where the other back-row players are standing.
  2. If the serve touches the net, inside the antennas (sidelines), IT IS LIVE and must be played. The ball will be deemed out of play if it hits a post, net support, or the net outside of the court boundary.
  3. Players may cross the centerline if they are OUT of bounds and do not interfere with the other team (if they do interfere, a centerline violation shall be called).
  4. Any players foot, hand, or other body part, that COMPLETELY crosses the centerline inside of the court will be called for a violation.
  5. Double hits should not be called on a hard hit or a serve; however, a lift may be called as judged by the official.
  6. Players may contact the ball with any part of the body, INCLUDING the feet, whether intentionally or not.
  7. UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT is a violation. The referee shall have the power to warn, declare side-out/point, and/or disqualify from the game/match anyone (player, coach, or spectator) who commits any violation of good sportsmanship. Yellow and red cards will be given.

Rule 6 – Special Co-Ed Rules
Each team must begin with at least one man and one woman represented on the playing court. The following rations are appropriate: 1M/2F, 2M/1F, 2M/2F. Penalty: Forfeit (Exception: uneven numbers due to lack of substitutes after an injury).

  1. The net will be placed at men's height (7'11").
  2. Men and women must alternate positions in the serving order and on the court in positional rotations.
  3. There are NO limits/restrictions on how many times a male or female must touch a ball on a given rally.

Contact the Intramural Sports Office

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 9pm
Friday  10am – 7pm
Phone: 301-226-4444
Rain Line: 301-314-RAIN

Intramural Sports Director 
Mary Kate Crawford 

Coordinator, Intramural Sports 
Jason Hess