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Intramural Sport Rules

11v11 Outdoor Soccer


1.              The match is played between two teams of 11 players each.  Both teams must be ready for play at the scheduled time.  GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME.  Teams must start and end the match with at least 8 players.  

2.      Games will consist of two twenty-five minute halves with a 3-minute halftime.  There will be no overtime during the regular season. During the playoffs, games tied at the end of regulation will be decided by penalty kicks (see PK’s below).

3.      Each team must wear uniformly colored shirts that contrast with the opponent's shirts.  Neither team may wear black shirts.  Numbered pennies will be available for checkout on-site.

4.      <st1:stockticker w:st="on">University Recreation & Wellness (RecWell) will provide a regulation ball for all matches.  However, if both team captains agree, a substitute ball (provided by either team) may be used instead.  <st1:stockticker w:st="on">RecWell does not provide practice balls.

5.      All substitutions must take place at the mid-field area.  The exiting player must be off the field prior to the substitute entering the field.  Both teams may substitute an unlimited number of players on goal kicks, after a goal is scored, at halftime, and during an injury.  Only the team possessing the ball may substitute on a corner kick or a throw-in.  If the team in possession of the ball chooses to substitute during a corner kick or throw-in, the opposing team may substitute at that time. 

6.      Any player receiving a yellow card must be substituted for, and may not return until the next legal substitution opportunity.

7.      The field size is 110 yards by 70 yards.

8.      If the referee stops the game for an injury, the injured player must be substituted for.

9.      Shoes with metal cleats, metal tipped cleats, plastic cleats with sharp edges (i.e. baseball cleats), or any other shoes deemed unsafe by the Supervisor may not be used. Shoes with rubber, nylon, or blunt plastic cleats may be worn.  Jewelry must be removed before a player can participate (no taping).

10.  A goal may be scored from a kickoff or a goal kick.

11.  Goalkeeper Restrictions:  On any occasion when a player deliberately kicks the ball to his/her own goalkeeper, the goalkeeper is not permitted to touch it with his/her hands. This rule also applies to the throw-in.  Players may not use trickery to circumvent the rule.

12.  During penalty kicks, the goalkeeper may move laterally along the goal line.

13.  Goal kicks can be taken from anywhere inside the goal area.

14.  Offside:  A player is in an offside position if that player is nearer to the opponents' goal line than the ball unless (1) the player is in his/her own half of the field of play or (2) the player is not nearer to the opponents' goal line than at least two of the opponents.  A player shall only be penalized for offside position if, at the moment the ball touches/is played by a teammate, that player is, in the opinion of the officials: (1) Interfering with play or an opponent; or (2) seeking to gain an advantage by being in that position.   A player shall not be penalized for offside position if he/she receives the ball directly from a goal kick, corner kick, throw-in, or drop by an official.



NO SLIDE TACKLES! Any player using a slide tackle (in the judgment of the referee) will receive a yellow card.  A slide tackle is defined as a maneuver in which one or both feet slide on the ground in an attempt to tackle the ball that is in possession of an opponent.

A legal slide tackle under NFHS will result in an INDIRECT free kick for the opposing team and a yellow card.  An illegal slide tackle will result in a DIRECT free kick and a RED CARD.



 1.  The match is played between two teams of 11 players each.  Teams must begin a match with at least 8.

2.      The ONLY acceptable gender ratios are: 6 and 5, 5 and 5, 5 and 4, 4 and 4. 

3.      Penalty shots may be attempted by any member of the offended team provided that member is the same gender as the player fouled.



Contact the Intramural Sports Office

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