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Intramural Sport Rules



All games are played on the CRS Softball Fields, located next to the Mitchell Building on the Engineering Fields.


1. Team captains are responsible for verifying the status of all team players.

2. Participants MUST show a current ID before EACH game.   NO, ID, NO PLAY, NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. Members of the Varsity Baseball and Softball teams are NOT eligible for intramural softball.

4. Individuals may only play on ONE team.

5. Any player under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs will be disqualified from the tournament and their team will forfeit the contest.

6. Each game shall be governed by ASA Rules with the exceptions of those outlined below

7.  Teams must have an equal number of men and women or one less ON THE FIELD.  One of the following male/female ratios must be used:

                        5 women / 5 males                             4 women / 5 males

                        4 males / 5 women                             4 men / 4 women

                        3 women / 4 men                               3 men / 4 women


8.  The batting order must rotate male/female, but there are NO LIMITATIONS on the number of players on one team. You will have separate male and female batting orders. 

9. In accordance with our gender identity policy, any individual who does not identify as a female participant, will be considered as a male (non-female) participant for the purposes of batting order and playing in the field. If you have a specific question regarding your team, please do not hesitate to contact our office, we will be glad to accommodate in any way we can. 



1.     All players must have a glove.  The Intramural Office has an extremely limited number of gloves available for check out on game day. 

2.     Balls and a bat will be supplied by the Intramural Sports Office.

3.     Teams may use their own bat; however, it must be “ASA Approved”

4.     Shoes.  All participants must wear athletic shoes (i.e.: cleats, tennis shoes, etc).  Open toed shoes, metal cleats, bare-feet and sandals are strictly prohibited.

5.     Participants should wear athletic clothing.  Clothing that restricts the natural movement of the participant (i.e.: blue jeans) are prohibited.


1.     Each game shall be 7 innings or 50-minutes in length, whichever comes first.  Although an inning may be completed no NEW inning may start after the 50-minute mark.

2.     Each batter will begin with a 1 and 1 count (1 ball, 1 strike).

3.     Per ASA rules, when a batter fouls away with two strikes they will be declared out.

4.     Mercy Rule.  If after complete 4 innings a team is ahead by more than 10 runs the game shall end.


1.     Stealing.  There is no stealing in slow pitch softball.  If a player attempts to steal a base the ball shall be declared dead and the runner out.

2.     Sliding.  There is NO head first sliding in Intramural Slow Pitch Softball.  Players who slide head first in an attempt to reach a base will be declared out.  Players may slide feet first.  When involved in a double play base runners are required to run out of the base path to avoid interference.

3.     Leading Off.  There is no leading off in slow pitch softball.  Players must remain in contact with the base until contact is made with the ball.

a)     if a player leads off and the batted ball is fair, upon appeal by the defense, the runner shall be declared out.

b)    if a player leads off and the ball is swung at and missed or lands foul a warning shall be issued by the umpire.

4.     Missed Base.  If a runner misses a base the defense may appeal before the next legal pitch to the umpire who in return will gave an “out” signal if true or a “safe” signal if false.

5.     Infield Fly.  A fair fly ball (not including a line drive) which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort when first and second base (or first, second & third) are occupied before two are out.

6.     If the ball is thrown into a Dead Ball Area, play will stop and each runner is awarded the base they were running to, plus one.

7.     Unlimited Substitution.  Unlimited Substitutions is when everyone gets a turn at bat, but only ten players are in the field.

9.     Flagrantly running into another player is prohibited.  If in the judgment of the umpire the contact was flagrant the offending player will be ejected.

10. Ghost Runners.  Pinch runners are NOT permitted.  Participants may not bat the ball and have someone else run for them. In the care of injury, the umpire will make a decision for a substitute. 




Contact the Intramural Sports Office

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 9pm
Friday  10am – 7pm
Phone: 301-226-4444
Rain Line: 301-314-RAIN

Intramural Sports Director 
Mary Kate Crawford 

Coordinator, Intramural Sports 
Jason Hess