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Intramural Sport Rules


*** The University of Maryland Intramural Basketball program follows the current National Federation of State High School Associations Rule Book (high school rules). The rules listed below do not represent the entire rulebook; rather they have been complied as a guide. Some rules have been modified for the Intramural program. ***


  1. All undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in any department or college of the University and current faculty and staff members shall be eligible to enjoy all intramural privileges and shall retain that status until they withdraw, or graduate, take a leave of absence, or fail to comply with eligibility rules or other guidelines.
  2. Alumni, University Affiliates, and Shady Grove students are not eligible for any division.
  3. Only players who can show their valid PHOTO UMD-ID are eligible to play.


  1. Game time is forfeit time. Any team that forfeits will receive a “0” sportsmanship rating and will not be eligible for playoffs.
  2. Team: A team must have 4 players to start a game. A team may have 1 player finish the game as long as the team still has an opportunity to win the game.
  3. Captains: Captains are the only spokesman for the team. The captain should attend the preseason meeting and communicate all policies and scheduling information with teammates. 
  4. Substitutions: Substitutions may be made only during dead ball situations. Substitutes should remain at midcourt until summoned by an official. 
  5. Player Equipment: Participants must wear basketball or tennis shoes and gym clothes - shoes that mark the floor will not be permitted. All players are encouraged to carry in gym shoes to be worn during play. Snow, mud and salt carried in on shoes can cause unnecessary floor damage. Players wearing any kind of gym shoe causing marking problems including salt scratches, slush, water, etc... will be asked to leave the facility, and clean or replace their shoes.  All players must have a visible number on their shirt. If teams do not have numbers the Intramural Sports program will provide, on loan, numbered pennies that MUST be worn. Teams or players with no numbers will not be permitted to participate.



  1. Duration: Games will consist of two 18 minute halves (the clock will only stop for time-outs, protests, and injuries). During the last minute of each half the clock will stop on all fouls, out-of-bounds, and whistles.
  2. Time Outs: Three per team per game - duration 1 minute in length. If a team has no time-outs and calls for one, a two shot technical foul will be assessed, plus possession of the ball to the non-violating team at the division line (you “buy” a time-out for a technical).The technical foul will be assessed to the team and count towards total team fouls. 
  3. Games that end in a tie during regular season will be recorded as such, NO overtime during regular season.
  4. Mercy Rule: If a team is ahead by 25 or more points at the two minute mark in the second half, or sometime after, the game shall end by Mercy Rule (30 for Co-Ed). 


  1. Missed basket = 2 shots awarded 
  2. Missed basket by a woman = 3 shots (Co-Ed Only)
  3. Made basket = 1 shot awarded
  4. Missed 3-point = 3 shots awarded 
  5. Missed 3-point by a woman = 4 shots awarded (Co-Ed Only)
  6. Made 3-point = 1 shot awarded
  7. Before 7th team foul = award possession of ball at nearest spot
  8. On or after 7th team foul = bonus 1 + 1 awarded
  9. On or after 10th team foul = 2 free throws
  10. Intentional fouls = 2 shots and possession at spot of foul
  11. Flagrant fouls = Ejection of player, 2 shots and possession at spot of foul
  12. Technical fouls = 2 shots and possession at half court
  13. Common violations = change of possession



  1. Scoring: Men’s field goals are worth two points each and women’s are worth three. Men’s three point shots are worth three points and women’s are worth four points. 
  2. Ratio: Teams must have the following ratio of men and women on the floor at all times to avoid a forfeit. 3 men/2 women, 3 women/2 men, or 2 men/2 women. 
  3. Equipment: A women’s ball (28.5" circumference) shall be used for all Co-Ed games. 



  1. Overtime: During the play-offs, if a game ends in a tie, then overtime periods will be played. 
a.     A new jump ball will take place.

b.    Overtime will be 5 minutes in length, running time. The clock will stop in the last minute for fouls, and out-of bounds, as well as time-outs, injuries, and protests. 

c.     Overtime periods shall be repeated until a winner is determined. 
d.    Each team will be given one additional time-out. Additionally, unused time outs from regulation may be carried over to the overtime period. 


Contact the Intramural Sports Office

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 9pm
Friday  10am – 7pm
Phone: 301-226-4444
Rain Line: 301-314-RAIN

Intramural Sports Director 
Mary Kate Crawford 

Coordinator, Intramural Sports 
Jason Hess