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All sports equipment questions and reservations can be directed to James Cecil at 301-226-4428 or  

Equipment Issue

For the Pool
Aqua Dumbbells
Aqua Jogger
Water Basketball

For Weight/Fitness
Dip Belt
Foam Roll
Medicine Balls
Weight Belt

For indoors
Dodgeball Set
Indoor Volleyball
Men's Basketball
Racquetball Racquets
Squash Racquets
Squash Ball
Table Tennis Ball ($0.25)
Table Tennis Paddle
Women's Basketball
Wallyball Ball Set 
For outdoors
Cricket Set
Flag Football Belts
Horseshoe Set
Kick Ball
Leather Football
Outdoor Basketball
Outdoor Volleyball
Soccer Ball
Softball Balls
Softball Bat
Tennis Balls
Tennis Racquet
Misc. Equipment
Badminton Racquet
Badminton Birdie                          
Board Game Set          
Eye Goggles                         
Flip Score          
Jump Rope                  
Towel ($1 charge) 
Beginning Wednesday, January 23, 2013 the Eppley Recreation Center is implementing a new electronic equipment checkout system.
Borrowing equipment from the Eppley Recreation Center will still be quick and easy.  Now, the system will be more sustainable.
On your first visit to the Equipment Issue Desk at the ERC, you will be asked to sign an electronic Equipment Issue Agreement. The agreement states:
“My signature acknowledges that I agree to and will abide by all the University Recreation & Wellness (RecWell) Equipment Issue policies.  I agree to the following:
  • To return all equipment to the facility before closing the same day it is checked out
  • To pay a $3.00 per day late fee for EACH item not returned by closing the day of checkout
  • To pay the replacement cost of any item LOST, DAMAGED, or STOLEN while checked out in my name
  • That the email address provided to the University of Maryland is active and checked regularly”
After signing the agreement, checking out equipment is easy.
  1. Simply bring your University of Maryland ID (UID) to the Equipment Issue Desk at the Eppley Recreation Center.
  2. Present your UID to the staff and ask for the desired equipment.
We encourage all patrons to lock up their belongings while they are enjoying the Eppley Recreation Center.

University Recreation & Wellness (RecWell) permits University of Maryland organizations and departments to reserve sports equipment for events and functions.  Requests should include the quantity and type of equipment and must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the event.  Sporting equipment is reserved free of charge.  All standard replacement fees would apply if any equipment is lost, damaged, stolen, or returned late.  Sports equipment reservations are on a first come, first served basis and therefore RecWell cannot guarantee the availability of all sporting equipment requested.

Individual students or student groups are not allowed to reserve sports equipment, unless they have also reserved a RecWell activity space or field.  See the Facility Rental/Reservations page for more details.  Individual students and student groups are always welcome to check out equipment for day use, following the procedures and policies listed above.