Tuesday, February 28, 2017
College Park, MD ()
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MAP Wall


The Wall is currently closed and will open for the Spring semester on Monday March, 27th

Important Info:

Please make sure that you check in inside the Adventure Program Lobby when you arrive! All climbers will be asked to fill out a new release form if their old one on file was from before August 25th 2016, before entering the gate.  If you are belay certified with our program and took your test over a year ago, you will need to re-certify.  Please make sure a belay tag is visible while belaying at the wall.

Where is the Climbing Wall?

It is located on the north end of the Eppley Recreation Center, near lot SS3 at the end of South Farm Drive. We are just down the stairs from the Outdoor Aquatic Center. The Adventure Center has a separate entrance and is not accessible from the ERC main entrance.

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Climbing Wall

The University of Maryland 's 55-foot tall freestanding climbing wall is one of the tallest on the East Coast, and as a member of the university community, you're welcome to tackle the Beast for yourself. No climbing experience is necessary - just check in at the Adventure Program with closed toed shoes and we'll get you climbing for FREE.

All climbers must check in at the Adventure Program Lobby to sign in and check out equipment (if needed).  All climbers must be registered for classes or hold a current ERC membership.  Guest passes can be purchased  at the ERC member services desk, for $7 per person, and brought to the wall check in.  One member, or student taking classes can sponsor up to 2 guests per visit.

Interested in learning how to belay?  Stop by or call 301-226-4453 to sign up for a Climb Safe Clinic.  Clinics are offered Monday - Thursday from 6-8pm.  The program is free but prior registration is required.  3 spots per session.

The Wall is currently closed and will open on Monday, March 27th following Spring Break 2017

  • All climbers must check-in at the Adventure Program Lobby  before  entering the climbing wall gate.
  • All climbers must be belayed by a certified belayer, unless following the bouldering rules.
  • Certified belayers must display a belay certified tag with an orange dot on their harness.
  • All climbers and staff must wear closed-toed shoes
  • All climbers who are not belay certified must wear a helmet while climbing.
  • Climbers and belayers must have personal equipment checked by staff.  Equipment deemed unsafe will not be permitted.
  • Before EVERY climb, climber and belayer must ask the Climbing Wall Staff for a “toe to toe” safety check.
  • All belayers must anchor to the belay stations and while belaying.  No exceptions.
  • Climbers and staff are the only  persons allowed in gravel area of climbing wall
  • While bouldering, at least one foot must stay below hands at all times.
  • No "topping out" or going on top of the bouldering grotto
  • Behaviors deemed unsafe by the Climbing Wall Staff will not be allowed. 
  • No one will be permitted to enter the facility if deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  •  All injuries must be reported to the Climbing Wall Staff. 
  • Proper use of climbing verbal commands is expected at all times
  • Wear comfortable clothing.  Jeans and cutoff jeans are not recommended.
  • Jewelry; especially rings and watches, should be removed before climbing.  Long hair should be tied back.
  • Bring water in a plastic, re-sealable container to drink.
  • Ask for assistance when needed.
  • Report damage or equipment misuse to the Climbing Wall Staff.
  • Smoking, tobacco, gum, alcohol, and drug use is prohibited.
  • Bicycle racks are provided around the corner from the climbing wall facility.  Bikes may not be locked to the fence.
  • Animals are not allowed (except guide/aid animals).
  • This is a family-friendly facility, respectful language and behavior is expected from everyone
  • In an emergency, climbers must immediately follow the instructions of the Climbing Wall Staff to clear the area as directed.

 **Violations of these rules and regulations may result in suspension of all recreation privileges or administrative and/or judicial sanction.  University Recreation & Wellness (RecWell) facility privileges may be permanently revoked for serious or repeated violations.

It is recommended that participants do not bring extra personal items to the climbing wall.  If needed, lockers are available inside the Eppley Recreation Center.  University Recreation & Wellness (RecWell), MAP and the wall Staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.